married couple looking for woman

married couple looking for woman

We are planning a meeting

married couple looking for woman

married couple looking for woman

Since such questions are asked frequently.
And it is not clear who does not want to blunder on the first day of the meeting, on a first date. At the time, I have long sought individual article, where all the painted detail on this subject, but did not find (well, maybe it was lucky I did not find a good article): (View All stated in general terms, and there were very few specifics. I’ll try to tell you how you can more detail. Well – nachnems …
First things first for what would be held on the first date with a girl, the girl herself is needed (according to meet you) and the second – it should come to this meeting. What about this a bit later.

1. From how to begin?

You should consider the route that you will walk. For a first date are advised to places such as park, botanical garden, local attractions (there is usually a very picturesque place, it improves the mood of the girls, and what we need :) ), you can also wander around the city. But I would advise a little walk around the city, and all the rest of the time to spend in the park (in general in nature, where you can talk in a calm atmosphere) or the final stage of the interview to end there, because there’s usually not a lot of people walking and the atmosphere, contributing more than our cause :) . Possible locations for the meetings:
First of all depends on your financial capabilities. On the first date is not recommended very large embezzlement. Also, when choosing a place and route taken into account, there is no need to kill the girl hikes – is not you a racehorse! If it is not tired and did not umorennaya campaigns, from it will be more useful ;) than tired!

Proper place:

Parks, cheap cafes, theaters and cinemas, conservatories, museums and galleries, exhibitions, greenhouses and gardens, zoos (if any), all kinds of shops;) show, circus, festivals, etc. ……
And remember that the more unusual and original will be your chosen location and activities, the better it will be the impression of you and the longer it will be remembered as pleasant moments spent with you.
Also take into account the weather, that she would not spoil the whole event!
All the place determined. One-third of the way.

2. bell

Now you must call and notify your darling.
All the talk should not exceed 5 minutes! Still have time to talk to;)!
Talking type:
You – Hello married couple looking for woman
She – Hello married couple looking for woman
You – Come tomorrow (today) meet.
She – well
The variant of failure: argument is the fact that she goes to her grandmother, she should give birth to a cat who helps her mother, an urgent matter ……………..
Then you specify when it can.
You – And when can you?
It – ……
- Then let in the , do not be late!

3. Meeting

married couple looking for woman

married couple looking for woman

The main thing is to arrive on time not being late. And then it will submit your lateness as a global catastrophe! Although she, I am more than confident that late ;)
If she is late, that the most likely ;) If the delay to 5 minutes, it’s tolerable. Over – ask calm and confident voice.
- Why are you late??
- Mom helped, cleaned the apartment, met her friend …. In general, what is the lyapnet.
- Okay, but do not be late. Next time, if you’ll be late so I will wait I will not!
To say it should not face the terminator, and the nice smile ;)
And if suddenly the next time she is late, ie, more than 5 minutes. – Feel free to leave!
In all the speeches and then “why did not you …?” married couple looking for woman
Answer “You’re late and I went about his business …” Well, or something like that.
She should respect you, without the case will not be!
You can also come with a flower. But if you come without anything catastrophic does not happen! BUT if you came with a flower, you should cool it would be that the present was from a 100% effect!
Another rule: she must understand that just because nothing happens!
When you give any gift you have to say WHAT you are giving it to her – for the fact that she is beautiful, understanding, intelligent, kind …. girl on earth, world, universe, in the city, in the area ….. ;) .
That’s when she came to visit. Go to it “weigh” komplimentus.

married couple looking for woman

married couple looking for woman

4. Compliments

You should talk sincerely compliment, honest, what you feel well, or so say that she believed what you say really! That is, words must be pronounced with a “use” of intonation, facial expressions, touch (only if convinced that it will not hurt!). Girls feel affectedness per kilometer! Better say nothing than to blurt out, anyhow.
What compliments a girl to talk? What can I say?
Have to say that you it is most like. married couple looking for woman
If you say nothing like it – then what did you come to a meeting!?
Girls spend hours tinkering in the mirror in the closet, running after things for her friends … and all this for that would LIKE YOU!
So please note this. Tell me what she looks great! Note some detail of her dress.
For example: you’re so cool in the red jacket, which of you is hard to look away. You are very red.
Compliments, not much happens. But all is good in moderation, that would not create a “complex star”. Because then when you stop to say what she’s beautiful, smart, wonderful. There will be a contrast and may take offense at what you do not do it more in so many compliments – get used to good! The world, the universe, in the city, in the area ….. ;) .
That’s when she came to visit. Go to it “weigh” komplimentus.

5. Tour

Then walk along the planned route thee. At the same time talking to cute. Very often the question arises what to say to girl!??
The answer is – everything!! But the only limitation you should be at least a little understanding of the topic of conversation ;) ! But the truth is there are individuals who can communicate, and above all argue about what does not even have a clue! :)
But it’s not about that. Let us return to our sheep.
To say you can, and most importantly NEED everything!
If you do not know a stupor came to talk about, and not a “song of the Chukchi,” do not have enough skill imagination and mood …. There are questions to help “break the ice” and get to know the interlocutor:
1. What is your job? Why do you love her? What do you consider it the most difficult, but interesting? What has it oppresses? What would you like to achieve?
2. What do you consider your greatest achievement in life? What was your most grievous failure?
3. What do you most precious thing in life? How to it that it has become so important to you?
4. What was the most enjoyable event for you in the past gody? And what was the heaviest?
5. What would you do if you could afford not to work? married couple looking for woman
6. How to you shall submit a perfect vacation?
7. Would you like to become famous? If yes, then what? If not, So why? (If your partner is famous for has finally arrived) What do you like to be famous and what not to like?
8. If y you came dollapov 20 million, what would you do?
9. Tell us about your childhood. What are its good qualities, you are obliged to family education? And what do you blame their shortcomings received training?
10. Tell us what you expect from a loved one
11. Do you consider married couple looking for woman yourself a romantic? If so, what does this mean?
12. What do you think the main difference between a man and a woman?
13. What can make you happy?
14. What can you grieve?
15. What you were a kid?
16. Who do you want a child to be when you grow up? And now, when you’re an adult – who do you want to be when you grow up?
17. How to you dymaete that distinguishes you from others?
18. Do you believe in God? How to you shall submit his own?
19. How to you think you can do your actions affect society and cause some kind of social change?
20. What are the three best, in your opinion, which are important at the moment of social PROBLEMS. How to you to decided if they had such an opportunity?
21. What do you want in life more often? married couple looking for woman
22. What was the most important milestones in your life? What events are you rotary?
23. What depresses you the most in life? What brings you out of yourself?

So we decided to talk. We proceed to touch :)
From the first minutes need to touch a girl that she had become accustomed to your touch and slush, then when you take her hand or embrace!
And when “it” you need to do to do that is how do you know when a girl gets used to your touch and she has this cockroach will calm down and the forest. So it is necessary to monitor her reaction at the time, when you touch it. If she pulls back her hand and did not react as a whole is normal. So the time has come, the cockroach went for a walk the forest ;) You take the hand, hug the shoulders waist – if removed – it means a cockroach is not too far away :) , anything by the time you try again and again until you succeed.
Embraced, took her hand – well. The first step in this direction was made – we go further.
Remember the following – DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!
In the end date you must achieve the maximum level of access to all parts of the body :) What would the next meeting is not to stagnate and move on.
Most girls like guys initiative, so do not worry. married couple looking for woman
When the “can not go on,” according to the girl herself to you about it, “say.”
But if you did something, for example, took her ass, breasts, and she removes her hand, then repeat the same thing after a while.
Remember THIS GAME! And do you have with it are two entirely different roles!
It DOES NOT – You take! Those who are insistent, and he won! :)

BE persistent in their desires and you win!

But the need to push gently, and then, if crudely, it get raped.
And still an important point:
When she removes her hand, said no … and the other a negative reaction, you need to watch as she said – tone, facial expression (facial expression) …

The girls there are three (four) possible answers:
1. no – NO
2. no – YES married couple looking for woman
3. No – can be
4. In very rare cases – yes. (c)

But to distinguish these responses need to ensure, as they said!
We now move on to kissing. (This is desirable that you were sitting, and standing can be :) )
Gently begin to stroke the girl near the neck, behind ears, lobes, lips, on the back lightly with your fingers. There are erogenous zones, thereby arousing her.
After a while kissing her neck, cheeks with a hand that is not asleep continuing affection.
When you see that the “client ready” – a frequent shortness of breath!
Option One:
-Kiss! married couple looking for woman
Option two:
- Several times touch his lips to her lips, as if teasing, but no kissing!
And then she starts first – and not any words!

6. Drop off

There is a rule of thumb is that you made time to do further.
It sways back and parting with feeding the girls at his own expense. If you have “it” next time will not do, is not clear, because it is “it” from you would expect. In the bent ;)
About “feeding the girls at his own expense,” there is some chance that it could be dynamo. There is such a beast ;)

So on the first date is better, what would each fed at his expense!
And further on the situation and your financial security!
Bear in mind it if that is going to do very often. married couple looking for woman
For example, each time you’ll meet a girl with flowers. But one day does not have time to buy, run out of money, so sorry …. She is offended – but what are you without flowers? Are you not love me well, or something like that. Might even say nothing, but it will be “-”
About Drop off:
Option two:
1. See off
2. Do not accompany
It is logical, is not it ;) married couple looking for woman
If you’re suddenly the girl did not hold, or she did not want – anything can happen. Be sure to ask to call when he gets home, or call us. Ask how she got together and said good night .. :)
Standard seats near the parting – cement ;) You say that it was nice to her for a walk. And you leave without looking back! married couple looking for woman
MANDATORY after this first meeting the gap by at least 3 days, ideally 3-5 days! If you liked her and she began to perceive you as a potential boyfriend. The fact that it was the next day will not agree, I am more than confident. Bo on their language “built-in schedule,” it is time to “further”.

Well, if you agree, then, as in every rule has its exceptions or dynamos ;)
But to increase its value should divide by 3 – 5 days!
How to write a classic:
The less we love a woman, those more than she likes us, we. married couple looking for woman
Also on our favorite forum topic is “Women’s check, then what they ask without hesitation.” Be sure to read.
Have any questions, please contact me. Good luck.

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