married man seeking married woman

married man seeking married woman

married man seeking married woman

married man seeking married woman

“Does it make on a first date? Men against “

Intimacy on the first date – one of the most controversial and debated topics in the forums and blogs. Single opinion on this matter until the society has not happened, however, every man for himself undecided. On the men’s choice – our article.

I have to say, having studied a variety of forums and blogs (I was interested mostly male, but female, and there were a lot of interesting answers and opinions), married man seeking married woman I realized that an unambiguous conclusion on the subject can not make one – there are always pros and cons. And the arguments are well balanced. However, in general, can be traced back several trends:

Women tend to justify the sex on the first date.
Increasingly, the fair sex talk openly about sex that when you first meet them is not abhorrent. But quite the contrary. According to the girls, the only way to know whether a man is able to impress and even if he is worthy of spending time on it. married man seeking married woman There is a category of women (rather large), which is looking for dating for sex. A more married man seeking married woman exalted nature to justify sex on the first date of unbridled passion, “the union of souls” and clouding the mind.

Men tolerate women who agreed to have sex when meeting.
Domestic male forum users are becoming more tolerant. married man seeking married woman Men recognize the equal rights of women in choosing when and with whom, and many are even more pleased that the girls are becoming more liberated. Reviews of women, once agreed to have sex is very different (both in substance and in tone, written communication), however, those who believe that a woman has the right to accept intimacy, almost was not. married man seeking married woman

Sex on first date leaves a lot of impressions, but rarely leads to a continuation of the relationship.
Despite the long and heated debate, the majority of the inhabitants of the Internet space will eventually be recognized that quick sex is very rarely leads to a long and happy life. Even if sex was the beginning of relationships, few of them ended in marriage. married man seeking married woman

Frankly – I am an opponent of sex on the first date. I’m on it have their reasons. Therefore, the network (and in the real world – the answers are also included in the sample), I decided to look for like-minded people. I am especially interested in men’s opinions, because as a woman I understand what motivates women to give up dating. Men’s “against” typed a lot (some phrases slightly modified in order to comply with censorship regulations, spelling and punctuation preserved features of post).

Men believe that if the girl consented to sex when they first met, she always does it.
“Always gets the girls to the vulgar, they have plastered to me honey. In life many things seen enough, and trust in our sweet and gentle creatures is absent. I would like to find one that she would not that has not changed, and generally behaved in a more than worthy to communicate with outsiders men ” married man seeking married woman

“If a girl is” given “at once, so anything we do with it will not work. I am disgusted with such attitude. Talked for two hours and is ready to push the legs. I certainly do not refuse, but when she told me then starts to rub of love that type of passion she leaped toward me trying to hurry to get rid of it ”
“I recently had a date with a new girlfriend. At night we went to the bar, specifically put it in the corner. She wore miniskirts, of course, we drank a little, and she lost her vigilance. Finger, I almost brought her to orgasm. And then she told me in the car said that having sex on a first date is not engaged. I honestly was in shock – as can be seen that not the first time I did it in a bar crawl between his legs, so what began to break down. Strange you, girl ”
“I hate to think that if she agreed to sleep with me, then it probably would agree with my friends ..married man seeking married woman. this is some kind of incest turns”
“A parable: One day a woman came to the sage and asked: Why is the man, who had a lot of women – a good man and a woman, who had a lot of men – bad?
To this the sage replied, because the key that can open all locks – a good key, and lock that can open any of the keys – a bad lock.
I want my safe deposit box was not a woman! “

Men are afraid of diseases.
“Not for me. I and the “you” turn and halting, but also fastidious in the extreme. No-o, a stranger can not, get used to be, get involved, to know better ”
“I also think that having sex on a first date is not valid. And it’s not only that a man would think of lady. In today’s world it has become life threatening. If you are extremals or you have nothing to lose … But still! I want to exclaim: “Well, unless one can apply to my life!”. On the first date with someone whom you do not know, for the opportunity married man seeking married woman (in fact it may not) be fun – to risk their health. No, thank you! ”
“Now I am an adult, and another uncle was related to sex. And earlier, in his youth all happened. But the consequences were so sick that did not even know how to spell. And all the scratching and three months in hospital. After that, the feeling was that no sex involved, and has visited garbage “

Men want to spiritual intimacy.
“If you put aside the desire to have sex stupid (in this case, the first appointment will likely be the last), and assume that the first date is to build some kind of serious relationship, I believe that sex on a first date completely unnatural.
The convergence should take place gradually. Go to first have sex, anyway, both partners must somehow open up to each other (and all open at different rates and the desire). And then, for the first sex has to be something in common, some built relationships. Then sex is the motivation in addition to purely physiological ” married man seeking married woman
“I’m on the first date never had a character, first find a good, well, then … probably a stupid”
“I’m surprised when some admit that they can have sex on a first date, because they really want a partner. It is difficult to really want a person if you just met him and then a date, and then hop – in bed! This is not sex – and some fast food, so sorry for the correlation … Personally I do not even kiss on the 2nd date, sex and say nothing. Do not confuse the state when the crotch, I’m sorry, itchy, and the state’s specific desires of the man ..married man seeking married woman . For me, the convergence process – is an intriguing game, aesthetic and physical pleasure. That’s when excited only by the fact that the desired number of potential partner, it is necessary to engage in sexual contact. Not stupid mating, as in animals. All the same man – a creature that lives not only instincts ”
“I do not renounce but probably not for me … sex is the continuation of love, relationships, and not otherwise .married man seeking married woman. hardly possible on the first date …”
“Just do not tell what you can build a strong love with a pacifier, which yielded the first approach. It’s funny … ”
“Sex with a favorite – it does not meet the physical needs, but the possibility of body language to say something for which not enough words!”

Men want to marry virgins.

“If it’s just a date, then yes, you can. And if I have a girl far-reaching plans, then sorry. I’m out of the garbage and found the remnants of not going to use ”
“The girl could be any past, but should only marry a virgin! I must be the only man in the life of the mother of my children! ” married man seeking married woman
“I think it is ideal when a girl marries a virgin in love and live happily ever after. Now these and did not find ”
“Sex on a first date or second date or third date, still leaves the thought that the girl – the lightest of behavior. Only sex after marriage – a matter of respect, and the rest – it [...]! “

Men want to be hunters.
“In fact, the purpose is always immediately put to sleep, but most of all, personally I have, if you just slept-interest is lost in the process of fishing-interest, if once-a great option, tram-pam-pam-all well done if not immediately -wakes up the excitement, how can that be, it’s just me and not given, but I’ll make sha, I need only to get there, here and get all tracks » married man seeking married woman
“So to speak – the first sign of this lady – once again not to give than to give a first indication of this gentleman – to take only from the second sentence
“Trite, but true, we will quickly lose interest in what is given to us freely. You do not need to beg strange anticipation ”
“I want to prove yourself first, that I managed to get this girl. I wanted to and succeeded! I want to invest in her time, money, power, energy. I want to fluff up like a peacock’s tail, and that she staring and realized – yes, here it is exactly what I need “

There is a very strange reason …
“I will say this: now there is a tendency to free love (trend in Western culture). And this is a great weapon in the hands of our enemies to destroy our nation and country. Such behavior is an effort on our morals worse than nuclear weapons! That’s how we all die out ”
“I personally believe that such unbridled behavior we impose on pharmacists. So that we do each other any plague infected, and then went to the hospital and treated. I think that AIDS is not casual appeared – this is a disease of that nature, and not come up. Brought to the laboratory seated, and now come up with a medicine type. Come up and will sell for a lot of money ” married man seeking married woman
“I can not sleep with a woman on a first date. For some reason I think I like degrading parents (especially mom). Although they are my kind of progressive and in private life do not climb. ”
“For while we were fucking with one another, they would enslave us. And all the time write about sex. I’ll tell you why this is being done – to divert our attention away from social issues that really matter. We must resist – a dish yourself and you’ll be surprised how many will start to see around. “

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